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Test of Time Challenge Part 1, Round 10

It has been a while since the last Orchard Valley update! Now that there is more than one house per family (for some families, anyway) it’s taking longer to play, plus I’ve been busy. But a lot of things happened during this five-day round!

I did introduce a couple of new families this round since I didn’t marry/reproduce as strategically as I should have, and I already saw problems coming in the next generation. I am hoping not to have to create more than one single Sims in the Roman era (I want all of my families to have roots to the Neanderthals) so the Morris family and the Adams family will be popping up this round, and then hopefully no more new Create-A-Sims in the foreseeable future.

Let’s begin with THE MORTONS:

morton 01

Tasha grows up and marries Bram Smith.  Orlo kindly gives her a $1,000 dowry, even though he can’t afford it and the Smiths are well-off…

morton 02

The kids are growing up fast, and Orlo becomes depressed and lonely with Tasha gone. He needs a woman around to help him care for the little tykes.

Ruthie Smith and Brooke Morgan are both available, but he isn’t really all that into either of them.  Ruthie is from a really good family though, and she is looking to get married since she has recently suffered a heartbreak.

morton 03 morton 04

So they get married, and with her comes a $5,000 dowry!!! He’s practically a wealthy man just for marrying a Smith!

They have a baby, and it is a little girl they name Danielle!



smith 01

The lovely Kenna Smith becomes an adult, however with the shortage of men, there are no good prospects for her and it looks like she may not get to move out and begin a family of her own… Kenna does not take this realization well, while her brother tells her to relax, more than likely at least one of the tribe-ladies will die in childbirth and then Kenna can swoop in and nab her husband.

smith 04smith 05

Kah and Gur both die of old age, but they leave lots of money to their children, which significantly helps them out in the social climb.

smith 03

While everyone is mourning, Tasha and Bram have their first baby together! It’s the first of her births she has really been excited about…

smith 08

She was also pretty excited about marrying well. After all her years of toiling and suffering, she deserves an easier life.

Stupid Dinah Smith, on the other hand, is determined to make her own life harder. She slept with Arnold Bishop (her sister’s husband) again…and got pregnant by him AGAIN.

black 07

A birthday and a birth!! Roy and his young wife Callie have a baby boy that they name Calvin!

black 08 black 06

Miana and Calvin are both growing up so fast–they become toddlers, and Roy is finally so very happy with his life and his perfect little family… although he would love another son.



black 05

In terribly sad news, raven-haired Pebbles Black has complications with her pregnancy and suddenly dies before she is able to give birth. 😦

black memor

black 03

Though saddened by the loss of his wife, Darius is still young, his family still small, and his former girlfriend Brooke Morgan is in the market for a husband. Darius goes over to her cave for a party and ends up making some poor decisions, but also one good one–he proposes to Brooke, and she happily accepts!

They get married, exchanging woven bands, and just after they consummate their marriage, they receive some unexpected news.

Brooke’s mom is pregnant again!

By Darius.

black 02 black 01

Twins Lilya and Lorella grow into cute little kids, and Kalomina is finally old enough to help out in the garden.

Poor Brooke becomes pregnant and gets to experience being pregnant at the same time as her mother, and by the same man. She can’t believe that Darius would do such a thing, and his pitiful excuse that he was mourning the loss of Pebbles and wasn’t in his right mind is wearing thin.

She gives birth, and it’s a healthy baby boy that they name Gumo.


As if the place isn’t crowded enough with THE MOORE FAMILY, AND THE KENMORE FAMILY… THE MORRIS FAMILY came onto the same scene this round…

moore 01

Jayla gives birth to a cute baby girl (they had wanted a boy) named Jillayla!

Her younger sister Khana is quite a beauty and the witch doctor predicted Khana would be the most fertile of her siblings, so given the shortage of husbands, an excellent hunter named Abraham Morris comes in from a neighboring tribe, hoping for Khana’s hand in marriage. She likes him well enough and he seems pretty nice, so she agrees to marry him!

Morris 08

Unfortunately for Khana, shortly after they move into their own place and she becomes pregnant, Abe meets Delilah Black-Smith! He can’t believe how beautiful she is. They become friends, since she is married, but then he finds out that her husband has actually cast her aside for a much younger woman, and only keeps her around because she has nowhere else to go.

Morris 07

Khana gives birth to a baby girl named Khanella, and when the baby isn’t a boy, Abraham announces he has made a decision.

Morris 06

Despite traveling here specifically for his young wife, he sets her aside, and marries Delilah, making her Delilah Morris.

Morris 05

Morris 04 Morris 03

Young Khanella becomes a toddler while her mother Khana is reduced to a glorified housemaid.

It’s a hard harvest, many of their crops dying in the extreme heat, and both Abraham and Delilah suffering from heat stroke.

Morris 02

Shortly after giving birth to a healthy baby, poor Delilah suffers another heatstroke, and that time…loses consciousness. Delilah perishes!! 😦

Morris 00mem

morris 0mem2

Morris 01

With Delilah gone, Khana resumes her role as Abraham’s wife, and now mother to Khanella and young Sterling.

Back at the original Moore home, Jayla becomes pregnant!

Moore 03

Moore 04 Moore 05

This pregnancy is rough on Jayla and she nearly dies in labor! She manages to pull through, and welcomes a baby boy named Thorne! Jayla is so relived that she had a boy, since she doubts she will be able to have any more babies, and Levi was a Moore, not a Kenmore.

Alonso is also greatly pleased to finally have a son to carry on his name. He wants another, just to be safe, but Jayla is in no condition to have another child…

Moore 02

Jillayla becomes a toddler, and now adult Ajani becomes good friends with her brother-in-law.

Moore 06 Moore 07

But then Alonso nearly dies of heat stroke! It’s Ajani who pleads with Death to spare Alonso, confessing that she loves him and won’t be able to bare the loss.

Moore 09

Death decides to give Alonso a pass, and as soon as he is revived and realizes Ajani saved him, Alonso takes her in his arms and gives her a great big kiss!

Moore 08

Understandably, his wife is mightily displeased.

It doesn’t matter. Alonso tells her that he wants to be with Ajani, who can still give him babies, and heartbroken Jayla takes to her room, feeling betrayed by the sibling she sacrificed so much to raise.

Moore 10

Jillayla grows up, but she is not a happy child, unlike the sole Moore male, Levi, who watches pleasantly.

Moore 11

Ajani becomes pregnant by Alonso, but as soon as she finds out, they find out Jayla is pregnant as well… since they aren’t bringing in nearly enough food in their small garden, and he hasn’t had a lot of luck hunting lately, Alonso goes to work for the wealthy Woods family, as a way to bring in a little extra food each week.

While working there, he meets Rachel Woods, the wife of Rock.

Rachel is pregnant, but while he’s working there, they develop a sort of friendship, and one day when she brings out his lunch and no one else is around, they cross the friendship line quite irrevocably….

Moore 12

The affair goes on for a few months and then Rachel gives birth to a daughter named Lyra! Unlike most of the other men, Rock isn’t even disappointed that it’s a daughter, and is so happy to meet her…

Then a couple of weeks pass and Alonso’s time helping out draws to an end, and after putting Lyra to bed, Rachel packs a sack with a few things and slips outside.

She leaves her husband and new daughter, and runs off to be with Alonso!

Moore 13

Rock went after his wife and hauled her back home, furious that she would betray him with another man–and the help, at that!

But Rachel can’t be reasoned with. Even her family (the Hamiltons) threaten to cut Rachel off if she abandons her husband and newborn daughter, but Rachel lashes out at Rock, telling him she never loved him and she would rather die than spend another day as his wife. Rock is horrified, and that time when Rachel leaves, he does not go after her.

Moore 14

Rachel moves in, not even realizing she is displacing not one, but TWO women, both of them sisters, both of them pregnant by Alonso.

Jayla gives birth shortly after Rachel moves in, and Alonso suggests that since there isn’t a lot of space in the small home, maybe Jayla should consider moving to the Women’s Home/Morgan House (for discarded women).

Moore 15

Rachel and Alonso are in their own little lust-bubble.

Moore 16

Ajani is absolutely devastated, and Jayla knows she stands no chance of holding onto her husband, so she packs what few tokens she has collected over the years and kisses her newborn son, Jonah, on the forehead before leaving her family home and heading to Morgan House.


THE WOODS FAMILY, short one member….

Woods 01 Woods 02

Rock Woods, general good guy, manages to rescue his younger sister Selma from the ruthless kidnapper!

Now a teen, the girl immediately sets her sights on Gabriel Bishop, who charms her (his father wants an alliance with one of the Woods girls, he doesn’t care which). Selma is a bit damaged, after spending years with the wretched Tyron Whitman as her slaver, but she’s a resilient little thing.

She confides in Gabriel that sometimes because of her family’s money, people try to get close to her for the wrong reason. Gabriel agrees that’s awful, but hopes her sister Rena won’t tell her that he has been flirting with her too, not wanting to put all his eggs in one basket….

Woods 03

Rock was too devastated when Rachel left him to take another wife, so now Lyra is a toddler, and she is still basically motherless.

Woods 05

Wilsa and Asher are just the cutest little kids around! Wilsa becomes an animal-loving child and Leah and Barney find out they’re expecting again, which triggers a certain sadness in Rock, who wants more children of his own.

Woods 06

Deciding it’s time to stop moping over Leah, Rock calls up his childhood friend, Kenna, and invites her over for dinner. He has heard she’s looking to get married, and he remembers her being a loving, beautiful woman and a natural nurturer, so he wants to see how she interacts with Lyra.

Things go very well, and before she leaves that night, Rock proposes! Kenna happily says yes! 🙂

Woods 07 Woods 08

Although it’s certainly customary to rush into marriages, having been burned before, Rock takes his time before marrying Kenna, wanting to make sure she wants no one else. Kenna is patient and waits for him to be ready.

Leah and Barney have another baby girl, and name this one Fiona!

Woods 09

Rock and Kenna marry, and not only is he rewarded with a lovely, faithful new wife… he also gets a $10,000 dowry for marrying into the Smith family!



Morgan 01

There is a lot of drama.

This house began as a normal family, then became a sun-worshiping house of religion? cult? something. Finally it became convent-like in that they seemed to collect women who were found useless for one reason or another, but then they started hosting some wild parties, and it became more of a… less-than-savory house-of-fun…for the gentlemen, more like.

For Belinda’s 13th birthday party, Lela Woods and her maybe-boyfriend Jali Whitman show up. Everyone walks on eggshells around Jali Whitman, who is known for his short temper and his knack for jumping to conclusions. (He’s also “dating” Lela’s sister Rena, so…)

When Jali overhears Jayma Black telling Lela that she doesn’t think Jali is a good guy to be hanging around, Jali overreacts. He attacks Lela for listening to Jayma, and tells Jayma she better keep her nose out of his business, or else.

Morgan 02 Morgan 03

Even though she has done nothing wrong, Lela begs Jali to forgive her, and he’s pretty much a jerk about it, telling her not to hang out with Jayma Black anymore and he’ll think about forgiving her.

Belinda regrets ever inviting Jali to her party.

Morgan 04Morgan 05

Later that night, Jali viciously attacks Jayma, and he ends up killing her!

Lela comes outside when she hears all the commotion and can’t believe what she’s seeing!

Morgan 06

Lela wants to leave him, but at the point she is too afraid to, so instead she keeps her mouth shut and goes home.

The following day, however, she comes back to the Morgan house with Bree, who is still talking about Belinda’s crazy birthday party. Lela’s sister Rena comes over, and since they barely know each other, they decide to hang out!

Morgan 07

Then their other sister Selma stops by! The sisters can’t believe they’re finally getting a chance to get together, and even more unbelievable, it doesn’t come up that Rena and Lela are both dating the same dangerous boy, and Lela and Selma both lost their virginities to Tyron Whitman (Jali’s father).

Morgan 08

Then TYRON stops by!!! They all get to talking and damaged Selma begins to revisit the weird, Stockholmy crush she developed on Tyron.

Morgan 09

But it’s BREE who invites Tyron to sneak inside when no one is paying attention for a little…fun. Tyron can’t believe his good luck–Bree is gorgeous!–and takes advantage, but neither of them counts on Tyron’s former lover (Bree’s mother) to walk in on them!

Momma is furious!

Morgan 10

Jinella and Jayla are both living at the Morgan house, but Jinella meets Richard Hamilton outside one night after dark and they flirt a little bit. She really likes him, but knows that marrying a Hamilton is out of her reach.

Morgan 11

Another little girl! This one is named Meadow.

Morgan 13

Bree Morgan finally grows up–age-wise, at least. Tryon likes what he sees, but Momma is still furious at her daughter.

Morgan 14 Morgan 15

But Bree doesn’t care. She’s enamored with the idea of Tyron, so when he asks her to marry him, Bree says yes! She moves to Camp Whitman without looking back, and instead of worrying for her daughter, Momma cries because Bree stole her boyfriend.

Morgan 16

Luckily by the time adorable little Meadow will be old enough to steal Mommy’s boyfriends, Momma will be too old to care. (The irony that this child is her SON-IN-LAW’S is apparently lost on Momma, who feels both of her eldest daughters failed her. Hopefully the youngest two won’t!)


Whitman 01

Brooke suspects she is already pregnant, but since she and Tyron are tying the knot right away, it doesn’t matter.

Whitman 02

After a rough pregnancy made no easier by the brutal conditions of Camp Whitman, Bree gives birth to a boy named Jerome!

Tyron decides to give Barak Morton back to his family to make room for his own brood, and decides to take a “break” from enslaving kidnapped children!

Whitman 03 Whitman 04

Jinella’s daughter Vanessa becomes a toddler, and Jerome becomes a toddler as well, and Bree realizes that her husband is old and no longer as impressive as she thought he was.

Whitman 05Whitman 06

Bree decides to just end it all one night, but Tyron walked in before she managed to succeed. He saves her life, and Bree thanks him. She can see so clearly now! The answer isn’t to kill herself…

“Honey, what do you think about kidnapping some of the Smith children?”

Revenge, after all, is a dish best served cold.

Whitman 07

Hunter holds his newest baby brother, Brian, while Vanessa is just happy to be a big sister!

Bree, through with being a brood mare for the time being, begins to plot her revenge…


And at the BISHOP HOME…

Gerta inherits money from her dead parents, which pleases her overly ambitious, social-climbing husband.

Bishop 01 Bishop 02

With Gerta out of commission during this pregnancy (and Dinah also knocked up) Arnold pays a visit to one of the village whores, a young one named Kimberly. Although he didn’t realize that his son had a crush on the girl, he probably would have still slept with her even if he would have known.

The girl became pregnant with Arnold’s child, and when she gave birth to a boy, Arnold agreed to take the son in, since another boy meant more clout to the Bishop name. The baby was named Kevin.

Morgan 12

Gabriel is bitter about it, despite his own betrothal to one of the Woods girls, most likely Lela, if she can manage to stay away from that dirtbag, Jali Whitman.

Bishop 03

Gerta also gives birth to a boy, and they name him Kurt (inspired by Kah and Gur).

It soon becomes apparent that while Gerta tolerates “the whore’s baby” she does not love or want Kevin. At all.

Also apparent: Gabriel’s resentment of his father is not going away, and Gabriel takes to caring for Kevin since his mother doesn’t want to and his father is too busy. He tries to get in touch with Kimberly, even tries visiting her at the whorehouse, but he isn’t able to locate her or find out what happened to her.

Bishop 04 Bishop 06

Meanwhile, Max becomes a teenager and Calah becomes a child.

Bishop 05 Bishop 07

If Gabriel doesn’t come around to being the heir, it falls to Max, but Max starts studying under the tribe’s witch doctor… he’s kind of a bad egg.

Bishop 08 Bishop 09

Kevin and Kurt become toddlers, and Gabriel (still not over it, still unable to find Kimberly) suggests that he and Kevin move out on their own, and he will raise his baby brother like his own child. He will still be a Bishop, so his father’s all-important legacy will be safe, but Gabriel won’t have to live under the same roof anymore, and Gerta will be free of the daily reminder of her husband’s unfaithfulness.

Bishop 14 Bishop 15

Gerta agrees–under one condition. He has to marry Lela Woods.

Even though he cares for Lela, he accepts the terms bitterly.

Then, to spite his father, he rejects Lela’s dowry, preferring to be penniless than to further his father’s agenda.

Bishop 11 Bishop 12

Max is pushed toward the Woods girls as well, since his brother had screwed up the financials, and Arnold no longer trusts him or his new marriage to solidify an alliance.

A bad egg himself, Max becomes seriously entangled with Rena Woods, who fancies herself in love with him, and then comes onto her sister, Selma–Gabriel’s old flame.

Bishop 10 Bishop 13

Max consults his magic to see what his future holds, and it’s foretold that he must become “familiar” with four more young ladies before his path will become clear.

Brandon becomes a teen, and he’s actually a normal kid. He develops a crush on Selma, but she is thoroughly distracted by “bad boy” Max and isn’t interested.


And keeping up with THE HAMILTONS

Hamilton 00

Poor Selma, she is out fishing with Richard Hamilton, who is a really unhappy youth, and finds his–unwelcome–attentions shoved upon her quite forcefully.

Hamilton 01

On the way home from that fishing trip, he is attacked by a rival tribe who beats him within an inch of his life and steals his fish. Luckily Selma didn’t come back with him, or she probably would have been kidnapped again!

The Hamiltons fear that Richard will never recover from his attack…

Hamilton 02

The witch doctor finally tells him he will live, but he may not be able to have any more kids. When Richard is confused and says he has no sons to begin with, the witch doctor explains he has one on the way.

Richard pays a visit to Jinella, thinking the medicine man must mean her, but Jinella assures Richard she is not pregnant…

Hamilton 03

Figuring the man must just be wrong, Richard goes about his life, and comes of age–finally 18!

Hamilton 04

Then Michael finds out about the day at the lake with Selma Woods… and it turns out SHE is very much pregnant. Michael brings Selma–reluctantly–and her new daughter back home to show Richard, and he is none too pleased. He tells Michael he wants to be with Jinella, not Selma, and Selma assures Michael she has NO interest in being with Richard the rapist.

Richard apologizes and asks if her family wants the baby, since it’s just a girl. She informs him her family isn’t full of jerks like his family, and her family value their sisters and daughters,  but admits she’s hoping to marry well, and if they want to care for Orchid, that would be fine with her.

Adams 01 Adams 02

Enter the ADAMS family!

Richard wants Jinella, but Michael forbids the marriage.

When Richard meets the newly married–and newly moved to town–Yolanda Adams, he knows he must have her! She’s stunning, and she seems to like him, too.

He offers her new husband a house in exchange for Yolanda. The man accepts (he was only married to Yolanda because she was the last single woman in the village) and Richard and Yolanda become engaged!

Adams 03

Owen has other interests of his own. He spotted Gerta Smith-Bishop by the watering hole one day and knew he had to see her again! She is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen…

Adams 04

Orchid becomes a toddler!

Richard marries Yolanda and goes to let Michael know that she’s pregnant (so he will be able to have another baby!) and Michael is still displeased. Yolanda has no surviving family, and does nothing to further the family name.

Then Richard gets an idea to smooth things over a bit. Instead of watching Owen and Gerta Bishop carry on their affair, Richard suggests introducing his wayward sister Rachel to Owen and seeing if she bites. True, the Adams family won’t help the family legacy any, but the Hamiltons could help them if they were all intermarried…

Adams 05

Owen prefers Gerta, but Rachel is really pretty too! Before long, the two of them are making out, and Richard lets Alonso in when he comes looking for his betrothed.

Alonso can’t believe his eyes! Owen tells Alonso to get out, and Rachel is torn…but she stays with Owen, since Alonso is mad at her anyway.

Adams 06

When Owen impulsively asks Rachel to marry him, she agrees and they marry right away.

Adams 07

Rachel becomes pregnant, and Yolanda gives birth to twin girls!

Adams 08 Adams 09

The twins Hannah and Hazel, grow up so fast!

Back at the main Hamilton house…

Hamilton 05

Hamilton 06 Hamilton 07

Fasil becomes a toddler, but then spoiling the joyous occasion, stupid Phillip picks a fight with Thomas Till and kills his own brother!

Hamilton 08 Hamilton 09

Pregnant Mara becomes deeply depressed over the loss of her son, and resorts to magic…

Hamilton 10

THOMAS TILL comes back…but as a zombie!!!!!

Hamilton 11

The cursed Hamilton family…

Hamilton 12

And baby Nicholas becomes a toddler! Hopefully his generation will overcome the Hamilton family curse…


Round 10 TOTALS:

  1. Smith: $159,339
  2. Woods: $123,169
  3. Hamilton: $109,428
  4. Bishop: $57,887
  5. Black: $44,538
  6. Morton: $44,527
  7. Morgan: $29,849
  8. Whitman: $29,560
  9. Moore/Kenmore: $26,009
  10. Adams: $21,471
  11. Morris: $11,012

Test of Time Challenge Part 1, Round 9

It’s time for the ninth round of the TEST OF TIME CHALLENGE!

Instead of the typical 5 day round, I had to do 4 day rounds, because I’ve been too busy, and the extra day makes all the difference. Also, I knew I was going to have to build a new house for at least one of the now-adult Gen 2-ers, and I just didn’t have time to mess with it. But I finally finished round 9! And what a round it was.



Orlo and Ajani have a little boy, and since her deceased father was Kaz and his deceased father was Baz, they name him Daz!


Kev and Bree Morton have a little boy that they name Edward, and Barak is none too pleased at having a new sibling. (Barak is quite high maintenance.)


Although he’s married to young Bree, theirs was more of an arrangement since their loved ones betrayed them than anything else, and when Delilah Black starts flirting with him, Kev’s head is easily turned.


So enamored of her–and surprised that a beauty like Delilah would want him–Kev proposes to Delilah! Sure, he’s technically married to Bree, but she’ll understand!


But then Kev catches Delilah outside kissing Roy Smith!! He’s so mad!

Image Image

Being in better shape, Roy beats Kev! Delilah is sad, and Roy feels a little bad…

Image Image

Daz becomes a toddler, and Barak becomes a child!


Then Edward becomes a toddler but the child stealer sneaks in while everyone is distracted and steals Barak!!!




When Alonso Kenmore got kicked out of the Hamilton house for having relations with Tisa Hamilton, he moved in with Jayla and the rest of the Moore children.

Alonso starts dating Jayla (single men are hard to come by in Orchard Valley) and when he proposes, she is ecstatic! It’s not the chance to save her family name that Levi was, but a chance to have her own family with a handsome man.


Levi becomes a toddler!



The Hamilton family is cursed, There’s no other explanation for it. The more money they get, the more their family seems to die off.


…But they keep on keepin’ on! Thomas Till Hamilton becomes a toddler, and mommy and daddy are thinking of expanding the family again, but they’re running out of room. Consequently, the youngest Hamilton sibling, Callie Hamilton–Tisa’s last ditch effort at giving Till another son–is moved out of the Hamilton homestead and into the kooky Morgan household. Mara questioned Michael”s decision–word around the village is that Momma Morgan is missing a few screws and runs around the house with something called a lamp shade on her head worshipping some Sun God–she knows it’s the only way to have another baby, so the youngest Hamilton girl is shipped off to live with the Priestesses of Light (um, whatever).


Rachel Hamilton becomes an adult! Upon entering adulthood, she discovers she has a teensy tiny crush on the ambitious Arnold Bishop, and of course he appreciates her standing–she’s a Hamilton, after all; that’s top of the food chain–but doesn’t pursue an affair since he has bigger ideas for a stronger Hamilton alliance.

Image Image

Tisa Hamilton dies!!!! She lived a good life, and her surviving family members will all miss her.

As soon as Tisa dies, the village rock-reader drops off ANOTHER magic lamp to the Hamiltons! Another opportunity for wealth! But… Michael has heard rumors that the genie’s dark magic can bring dead family members back, and he contemplates using the genie to bring his mom back…


They grow up so fast! Thomas is a child and Mara is pregnant again!!


They have another little boy, and they name him Fasil!


Now let’s see what Callie Hamilton is up to at the MORGAN HOUSE….

Now that Kev Morton is dead, young Bree is a widow. Leaving Edward behind to be raised by his Uncle Orlo, Bree returned home to live with her own mother and siblings again, but she carries a lot of anger with her–anger at Bram for leaving her for Tasha Black, anger at Kev for marrying her and then planning to leave her for Delilah Black…curses upon the Black family, as far as she’s concerned!


Jayma Black comes over to help celebrate Callie’s birthday, and just seeing her really sets Bree off.

When Roy Smith–Bram’s older brother–comes over and begins flirting with Callie–they have a little flirtationship going on–Bree is furious. She never even liked Roy that way, but Roy is the same man who murdered Kev over Delilah, and now here he is flirting with Callie. They’re all the same!

Callie becomes pregnant soon after her birthday, and although she’s nervous, she’s also excited. Unaware of Bree’s resentment, she gushes about how Roy said that once he gets his own cave, he’s going to move Callie in with him so they can get married and raise their baby together–and make lots more, she adds with a blush and a giggle.

Bree hauls off and slaps her, and Callie is stunned. She opts to walk away, and retires to her room for the night, but makes a mental note to tell Roy that they might need to move their plans up a bit…


But Roy doesn’t take her concerns seriously and tells her the cave isn’t ready yet, just two more weeks and it should be ready.

They have a baby girl and name her Calisa!


Callie is so pretty….

Image Image

The same night that Roy tells her two more weeks, Bree picks a fight with Callie…and wins.

Image Image

Callie is murdered by stupid Bree Morgan, and although Roy Smith drops to his knees and pleads with the Grim Reaper to spare his beautiful Callie, the Reaper is not in a forgiving mood… Callie Hamilton is dead, leaving Roy alone to raise their daughter.


After Callie’s death, spirits are subdued at the Morgan household until it’s Brooke’s birthday. Her ex-boyfriend Darius comes over to celebrate with her.


Unbeknownst to Brooke, who is now a grown woman, her mother is unable to handle the spotlight not being on her, and she hooks up with Darius in the garden–even though he’s not only her daughter’s ex, but also married!



Roy Smith is mourning the loss of his girlfriend, the mother of his daughter, and also trying to figure out how he’s going to raise a daughter. His twin sister Ruthie suggests that they move into his new place together so she can help him raise Calisa.


Since Callie is gone and he still needs to carry on his family name–and give Calisa a mother-figure in case his sister ever gets married–Roy marries Delilah Black. He did kill a man for her, after all.

Image Image

She’s excited to start her new life, but Delilah is under the impression Callie was just a hapless fling, and is not aware of any lingering feelings Roy might have for her. Especially since, you know, she’s dead.

While attending the wedding, Ruthie Smith finds love in the garden with Barney Woods! It’s looking like maybe her brother’s concern about her getting married aren’t that crazy after all…


Calisa is growing and growing–and looking more and more like her mother every day.


As time goes on, Ruthie doesn’t understand why her relationship with Barney isn’t progressing beyond stolen kisses, and then while she’s in town one day, she sees him with another woman. When she asks her friend Mara about it, Mara tells Ruthie that Barney is married to Leah Hamilton!!!! And they have a baby, and another one on the way!

Ruthie is crushed.


Also crushed, Roy Smith. It’s Calisa’s second birthday, marking two years since Callie’s death, and despite being married to someone else–and they’re even expecting their first child together–he can’t seem to stop missing Callie.

On top of missing his younger love, Delilah–9 years older than Roy–is having a difficult pregnancy, leaving Roy to question whether or not they’ll even be able to have anymore children. He explains that he wouldn’t hold it against her or anything, but the survival of his family name does depend on him and so far, he only has a daughter…


Then one day when he’s talking to Michael Hamilton while they’re out hunting together, he finds out Michael has another magic lamp! He was going to use it to bring his mother back to life, but since shew as old and had lived her life, he didn’t, opting instead to save the wishes for more wealth, since they’re never comfortable in their wealth.

Floored, Roy demands, “You mean you can bring someone back from the dead?”

Michael explains he hasn’t tried it and has heard it can go rather badly in some cases, but yeah, supposedly he can.

Roy then pleads with Michael to use his magic lamp to bring his sister Callie back to life! He tells Michael he will give him anything he wants if he’ll do it, and even rushes home to see how many fish he has save up to offer as partial payment. He comes up with an offer of 14 fish–including some giant rainbow trout–and 2 old boots, and since it is his sister and Roy is so desperate to marry her, Michael acquiesces and wishes his sister Callie back to life…


Roy thanks Michael, telling him he’s welcome to fish in his pond or stop over for dinner anytime, and asking for his permission to marry Callie. Michael mentions that Roy is already married, and indicates his pregnant wife in the background (who is none too pleased with Callie’s resurrection) and asks Roy if he intends for Callie to be his second wife. Roy says he can’t exactly kick Delilah out while she’s pregnant, so for now, yes, she would be his second wife, but once Delilah delivers her baby, she could move back in with her family. Roy only wants to be with Callie.

Image Image

Roy and Callie get married!!! Calisa is growing up so fast, Roy is eager to have more babies with his teenage bride.


When Calisa becomes a child, her mother is there to see it!


And when Delilah delivers a daughter, she knows that her time is up. Roy won’t keep her around when he has the younger, prettier Callie around to give him all the sons he could ever want.

Their baby girl is named Miana, and she’s a little cutie. Delilah hopes she will at least be able to visit, though she knows it’s Callie who will be raising her daughter.


At the OTHER/ELDER Smith house, Kyle Bishop becomes a child, and the lovely Kenna Smith learns how to fish from her brother-in-law, Arnold Bishop. Sure, two of her sisters have had babies by him, but certainly he wouldn’t be greedy enough to put the moves on a third. Besides, Dinah is obviously a spinster, but Kenna… great things are in store for Kenna, she just knows it.


Bram finally becomes an adult! His love, Tasha Black, is so excited that they will finally be able to live together as husband and wife….


And THE LUCK OF THE WOODS FAMILY is really quite remarkable…

While Sims all over Orchard Valley seem to drop like flies, every single member of the Woods family is alive. SURE, two of the daughters have been kidnapped, but they’re both alive and at least mostly unharmed (Lela did almost die miscarrying her captor’s baby… but Rena seems to be doing pretty well!) and even the founding couple remains alive.


Also, their kids are ridiculously adorable. Like Asher Woods, who just became a toddler! Look at that face! That weirdly blonde head of hair! Asher is just what an heir should be… but they still need a spare.


Rock Woods comes of age. Now it’s time to find a bride!


Enter Leah’s little sister, Rachel Hamilton. Since the Hamilton family and the Woods family are so prestigious, they have already married off one daughter and one son, why not make it two? Rachel and Rock seem to hit it off!


So before long, Rock proposes! She says yes, and they have a small, intimate wedding.


Sadly, Wilma dies. The first member of the Woods family to die…but she lived a good life and got to see even her youngest son married.


When they have a baby girl, Leah and Barney decide that since both of their mothers (Tisa and Wilma) died recently, they should name the baby after them, so the newest addition to the lucky Woods family is little Wilsa Woods!


Sadly, shortly after Wilsa’s birth, Fred dies, presumably of a broken heart…

Image Image

Rachel becomes pregnant, Asher becomes a child, and Wilsa becomes a toddler, carrying on the tradition of being an absolutely adorable little one!



Marrying Pebbles Woods moved this family up in the world, and she and her husband Darius have twin girls that they name Lilya and Lorella!


But the joyous occasion is darkened when Blossom Black dies of malnutrition!

Image Image

Lilya and Lorella! Such cuties. Mama Pebbles is pregnant again, and they’re hoping this one is a boy!


But… it’s another girl. They name her Kalomina, but despite the financial gain of marrying Pebbles, Darius begins to worry about his family name being carried on… he is the ONLY Black male to carry on the name… he’s been working hard to make their garden profitable, but what good will it do without a son to pass it all on to?



Jinella becomes pregnant by Tyron Whitman.


They have a cute little girl and they name her Vanessa!


Rena Woods becomes a teen!


Jali Whitman also just became a teen, and he thinks his childhood best friend Rena has suddenly gotten hot.


First kiss!!

Even though Rena is only slightly attracted to Jali, she’s wife enough to know that as long as he likes her, she’s safe from his lecherous father’s advances. She doesn’t intend to be the next teen mom at Camp Whitman.


And last but not least, THE AMBITIOUS BISHOPS!


Arnold and Gerta Bishop now have three strapping sons–Gabriel, Max, and Brandon–and of course, one daughter.


The kids playing with their cousin, Calisa Smith.


While Arnold was initially very unimpressed with having a “useless” daughter, he is beginning to rethink his position when he realizes his daughter is pretty cute, and she has Smith blood running through her veins. So, although he hoped for a fourth son initially, a pretty daughter from a good family could prove to be useful… after all, the Hamiltons have boys, and down the road, certainly Michael and Mara will be looking for a cute wife from a good family to marry those sons… why not Calah?


Gabriel becomes a teen–my, how time flies!–and Max is none too pleased about it. Or maybe it’s that his dad made him invite Phillip Hamilton over to play, and he’s kind of a dork.

And Arnold the Ambitious didn’t stop there. Rena Woods, kidnapped daughter of the Woods family, would be a perfect bride for Gabriel when the time comes. Even though she’s technically “seeing someone,” Arnold encourages Gabriel to woo her and invites her over for Gabriel’s party.


Things progress exactly as Arnold wants them to, and before long, Rena is swooning in Gabriel Bishop’s arms.

Now, if Arnold can lock down an alliance with the Woods family through Gabriel and Rena, and a marriage between his daughter Calah and one of the Hamilton boys, after marrying Gerta (and having a son with Dinah) Smith, Arnold the lowly orphan will have successfully arranged marriages with the 3 most powerful families in all of Orchard Valley!! It’s all coming together….



  1. Hamilton: $105,425
  2. Woods: 103,618
  3. Smith: $88,235
  4. Bishop: $43,616
  5. Black: $40,405
  6. Whitman: $26,121
  7. Morgan: $24,075
  8. Moore/Kenmore: $21,535
  9. Morton: $18,850