South Divinian ‘Little Miss Spring’ Toddler Pageant!


The land of South Divinia is not a wealthy nation, and many of its inhabitants are a bit on the poor side. Not too long ago the ladies of South Divinia competed for a commercial gig.

Well, now some pageant mamas are bringing their adorable toddlers out for a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship!

For the purposes of brevity, here are the top three!

Entry into the pageant was free, the only requirements were a “Mama and me” photo and one of the toddlers playing at the park and showing personality!

The entrants were:
Christina Warren
Adina Chandler
Sophie Ferrell

All adorable South Divinian toddlers!

Only one can win the $1,000 scholarship, however… who will it be?

Toddler pageant

Toddler pageant 2

toddler pageant 3


But the winner was….

Toddler pageant winner

Little Miss Queen, Sophie Ferrell!

The runner up is Little Miss Princess, Adina Chandler! While she doesn’t get a scholarship, she does get a talking toy rabbit as a consolation prize!

And that concludes the Little Miss Spring pageant!


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