Test of Time Challenge Part 1, Round 2: Black, Moore, Smith

Welcome back to the test of time! This is my second round, playing 5 more “days” of each Sim family, and since I have 6, I can divide them evenly in half and do 3 at a time. 🙂

Since we last saw the BLACK family…


It’s Delilah’s birthday!! She is an adorable little toddler, and a pretty happy one, too.


Ursa finds herself pregnant again! Yay! Another member of the family. They have a difficult time keeping food on the table, so they’ll be happy once their kids are older.


Birthday time again! Delilah turns into a kid! She’s finally able to start helping out in the garden, although she has to be careful, because she did get overheated her first day outside and her family doesn’t want anything to happen to her. The heat can be pretty rough…


The heat gets to Ursa while she’s pregnant, but she delivers a healthy baby boy named Darius!

On to the MOORE family!


Jayla turns into a toddler! Her hair hasn’t come in just yet though.


Arla feels the labor pains starting!


They have another little girl that they name Trella!


Jayla is growing up fast, too–she’s no longer a toddler!

Lastly, the SMITH family!


Cute little Gerta outside chasing butterflies!


It was time to expand their little family, so Gur and Kah had another baby girl they named Dinah!


Gerta is growing up so fast! Meanwhile, Kah is pregnant again (but very newly, she isn’t showing) and baby Dinah is growing faster every day! Soon she’ll be out in the garden with her big sister!


Birthday time!!!


Dinah becomes a a toddler!


The tickle monster is coming to get Dinah!

And that’s all that’s going on with my Neanderthal families. I’m sure once they start to get more children and they get older, their lives will get more interesting.


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