The Test of Time Challenge Part 1, Entry 3

Well, today was not a good day to be a GRANTVILLE.


While the pregnant Orchid was slumbering and Ned was out hunting for food, a woman from another tribe snuck into their shack and kidnapped Violet and baby Phillip!!!

Image Image

Mom and Dad were understandably upset!!


Orchid gets to worked up that she ends up making herself sick, and Ned assures her that he’s going to go out and try to find and retrieve their children! He tries very hard, searching for weeks, but when he finally finds the village they were taken to, it isn’t good news. Baby Phillip got sick and no one was able to help him recover, and there’s no confirmed news of Violet, either but a villager makes a comment about the woman who took her needing a human sacrifice.

Horrified, Ned returns home to his wife empty handed.


Orchid goes into Violet’s old room and makes her bed. She never did remember to make it after she woke up in the morning…


The stress and grief causes Orchid to go into labor a few weeks early!!!


It’s a healthy baby boy, and they name him Eli. That was the name Violet wanted them to pick out.


As if things weren’t bad enough, there’s a kitchen fire! No one is hurt, thankfully.


Still sick with grief and more aware than ever of their mortality, Orchid wastes no time trying to make another baby….

Over at the FORRESTER house, not much happened–Elsa had a heat stroke but survived, sold some produce in order to buy a cradle for poor little Dirk, and Dirk became a toddler! Image

I didn’t have a problem with it in the first round, but it looks like the heat is going to be a bigger problem than I realized! Also, I have a ton of baby and toddler boys, and only ONE baby girl now in the whole neighborhood. This does not bode well for the future….


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