The Test of Time Challenge Part 1, Entry 1

Okay, so I stumbled across this Test of Time challenge over at Mod the Sims ( and I’ve never actually done a challenge before, but I’m all about generations of Sims and I thought I’d give it a shot. There are rules listed over there (what objects you’re allowed to use, how much money you can have, etc) which make it much more difficult than I thought it would be! I’ve just started and I already had to make a couple of changes. My biggest change is that I’m not going to operate with only 5 founding families, I’m going to use 7, because if there are only 5, there’s going to be a problem when I try to marry my Sims off and have the next generation… so, I figured that would be easier with a couple of extra families.

My bonus families are mostly following the same rules, although I did do the kaching cheat to give each bonus family an extra $1,000 to work with) prior to building their home. So… that’s against the rules, but I won’t use the cheat with the 5 challenge families, that’s just the 2 bonus families, and it was only one time.

Anyway, I’ll start by introducing my first bonus family in my first generation of Neanderthal-Sims! (But, you know, prettier, ’cause I like pretty Sims…)

Meet the Forresters!

Levi, Elsa, and their only son, Hunter!
Elsa and Levi have tried to have more children, but Elsa had difficulty conceiving, so Hunter is an only child in a time when… that’s probably pretty unlikely.


Sadly, Levi got attacked by a wild animal while out hunting for food one day!
Levi didn’t make it. 😦 Poor guy.


Now a single mother, Elsa has to depend on Hunter to step up as the man of the house… especially when she finds out that she’s pregnant!


Elsa gives birth to a little boy that she names Dirk. Now Hunter is really going to have to help out….



Ned and Orchid Grantville!


They have an adorable little cave toddler, Violet! It’s a bit boring growing up in the Neanderthal age for poor little Violet, but she finds ways to amuse herself.


Violet grows into a little girl! No birthday cake or balloons… she’ll have to go find some sticks to play with.


Then Ned and Orchid have another child! A little boy named Phillip!


This is not a bonus family, this is an official challenge family… (Upon looking at this picture, I realized that the compost bin may not technically be allowed, but since I can’t make a compost pile and I’m not spending $10 a bag for fertilizer when they still have to pay bills, so…)


Enid and Jonathan Kennedy! Newlyweds ready to start a family!


And they begin their family with twins! Allison with her mother….


And Jonathan is very happy with his baby son, Alexander!


moore family

Isaac Moore is in big trouble. He and his honey Kenya just tied the knot, and he just found out that ex-girlfriend Chandra Black is pregnant with his child! Wanting to do the responsible thing, he moves Chandra into their new home so that he can take care of her while she’s pregnant.


Popularity driven Isaac is already making friends with fellow founding family member Enid Kennedy!

whats his name

A house fire reminds me that Neanderthals couldn’t call 911 in case of emergency!! Luckily, no one was hurt.

chandra in labor

While working in the garden (since Isaac is super lazy, and she’s the only one who ever does anything around the “house”) Chandra feels labor pains!

baby jeremiah

She has a baby boy named Jeremiah Black! She’s excited to have had the baby, but her work for the day isn’t done, so she asks pregnant-and-resting Kenya to feed him so she can finish up in the garden…

baby dagmar

Shortly after, Kenya has a baby boy, too! She named him Dagmar! (Dagmar is actually my FAVORITE Neanderthal name thus far, ’cause it sounds so appropriate! I wasn’t thinking about his last name though, I got so excited when I saw Dagmar I typed it in and clicked enter before I realized his name is Dagmar Moore… doesn’t really roll off the tongue, but whatever.)

birthday jeremiah

It’s already time for Jeremiah’s birthday!
toddler jeremiah

He turns into such a cute toddler!!

And so far that’s it for the Moore family. Everyone is really tired, stinky, bored and cranky right now, so I was glad to leave them for a bit.

This is a really cool challenge. I have 3 more families to create, but since the number of families is limited, I don’t think it will take all that long–not so long that I get bored anyway. 🙂


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