Introduction to Peter Grey

This is the story of Peter Grey, son of Percy (the town stud) and Rachel Grey.
Peter's mothers and father

Peter is their first child!
Unfortunately for everyone involved, this is a very dysfunctional family that Peter is being born into. Percy Grey isn’t the monogamous type, so after years of marriage, he informs his wife he wants to have an open/adventurous marriage.

Peters parents

Rachel loves Percy too much to let her marriage end over it, but the change in her marriage does not make her happy, and she doesn’t feel it’s a healthy environment for her children to be brought up in.
On weekends, Percy often invites their friends over and lets the guys sleep with Rachel while he sleeps with their wives… the swinger lifestyle is NOT for family-oriented Rachel Grey.

baby peter

Baby Peter! Rachel snuggles him close while her husband is at work, wondering if she’s doing the right thing by staying.

Her opinion that staying might be a mistake is strengthened when Percy decides to move in his new girlfriend, Betty Warren, who is pregnant with his love child!

betty dies

Betty doesn’t last long though; she has an eating disorder, and shortly after the birth of her daughter Genevieve, she works out all the time and stops eating to try to get her body back… and instead of losing more weight, Betty dies, leaving Percy and Rachel to raise not only their two children, Peter and Elizabeth, but also Betty’s daughter.

Rachels wedding

When Peter is a child, shortly before his 12th birthday, Rachel leaves Percy and takes Peter and Elizabeth with her. One of Percy’s friends (that he made her sleep with) was a duke, and he had quite a crush on Rachel, so when Rachel confides in him that she wants to leave, the duke proposes!


Peter becomes a teen!

rachel dies

Sadly, after Rachel gets pregnant, before she can have the baby she dies from complications. Peter begs the Grim Reaper to spare his mother’s life, but the Grim Reaper wins the “which hand is the light in?” game, and Rachel dies, leaving Peter and his little sister Elizabeth all alone.

teen boys

For quite  some time, Peter and Elizabeth remain with their stepfather. Peter becomes best friends with his step-brother, the Duke’s heir, Richard Belmont.

Before Elizabeth grows into a teen, Peter and Elizabeth moves back in with Percy and his new girlfriends…

teen peter and ana rosa

After his mother’s death, Peter begins dating Ana Rosa Campbell. They’re only friends at first, and he thinks she’s out of his league, but when he shares the news of his mother’s recent death, she’s overcome with sympathy and gets extra friendly with him…

For a while, they’re just friends, but Peter wants to be more. Ana Rosa can’t be tied down at the moment though, as she thinks she’s sophisticated since she’s having an affair with an older man–a famous artist, nonetheless.

ana rosa percy

Then Ana Rosa meets Peter’s father and she’s a little starstruck, having heard about his reputation around town. (After Rachel left, Percy opened a scandalous erotic club for interested sims to pay a membership fee and then come in and do whatever they want–hook up with other random sims, relax and watch some tv in the lounge, make use of heart shaped bed, or anything else they can think up… It’s a very successful business, and Percy is the wealthiest man in town.)

Sadly for Peter, Ana Rosa gets caught up by his dad’s special brand of charm and she ends up going to his club one night and losing her virginity to Percy Grey.

Peter is crushed.

peter and janelle renzetti

Determined to move on, he starts hanging out with Janelle Renzetti. He doesn’t really have feelings for her, but she’s basically the school slut, so he figures maybe he can get his mind off Ana Rosa.

monika and peter

Then Percy’s dad brings in a brand new girl to work at the club, Monika Novak. Monika is gorgeous, and Peter is extremely attracted to her, even if she is a bit older.

For his 16th birthday, his father’s “gift” to Peter is Monika–Peter loses his virginity!

This affair sustains him for a while, until Monika becomes pregnant (by a customer at the club) and then things cool off, and Peter finds himself thinking of Ana Rosa again…

family orgy

Although it’s rather twisted, Peter invites Janelle over and ends up having sex with her, but afterward he can’t stop thinking of Ana Rosa! So, deciding to man up, he calls and asks her to come over, greeting her at the door with an enthusiastic kiss, and he finally makes love to Ana Rosa… (…while his father decides to take his turn with Janelle…. and Monika just wonders what she has gotten herself into.)

peter and ana rosa

“Wow!” Ana Rosa is impressed! Their first time together went very well!

ana rosa richard

Unfortunately for Peter, even though he and Ana Rosa are officially going steady at this point, romance-driven Ana Rosa still can’t be held down; she goes out on a date with Peter’s best friend, Richard, and the date goes very well!


His sister Elizabeth becomes a teenager!

Peter Percy Elizabeth

Percy with his teen son and daughter.

poor trixie

Just before Peter goes off to college, his father gets remarried to the lovely blonde Trixie Larson, his long-time girlfriend who has put up with more than any sane person should. Percy can’t even be bothered to cut the cake with her though, so she throws it out.

Peter feels bad for his new stepmother. All those years of watching his father whore around have certainly impacted Peter, although he doesn’t know how much at this point…

college all

Then it’s time to go to college! Left to right, Ana Rosa, Peter’s best friend and heir to the dukedom, Richard, Ana Rosa’s friend Natasha, and Peter Grey!

ana and richard

Much to Peter’s dismay, as soon as they get to college, Ana Rosa and Richard begin dating.

Ana Rosa gets engaged

Peter is crushed again when Ana Rosa and Richard get engaged!


He congratulates her, but he is not happy that she’s going to marry his best friend.

Peter in college

Even though his father has money and he got a scholarship, Peter works in the cafeteria to make extra money. He wants to keep busy, since living with Ana Rosa and Richard is proving much harder than he thought it would be…

erica percy sex

Peter was casual friends with the slightly younger Erica Lloyd, and when his father brags that he “hit that,” Peter snaps. Erica hasn’t had an easy life; her mother, Renee is a doctor with a dark side, and has abused her daughter for years. More recently, her father started abusing her as well.

Renee lloyd

Peter drives back into town one night and goes to his father’s club, where he meets Dr. Renee Lloyd…

peter and renee

He hooks up with Renee as a way to lure her somewhere more private afterward.

Renee murder

Renee thinks he’s just being kinky when he begins whipping her… until he pulls out a knife.

Peter then proceeds to murder Renee in her home, then he waits for her husband to get home…


And he murders him, too.

Erica and peter kiss

Although he still has feelings for his first love, impressionable Erica Lloyd looks at Peter as a hero, saving her from her crappy, abusive parents. She got an orphan’s scholarship and joins Peter at his college as a freshman.

Erica and Peter

Having Erica around proves a very nice distraction from Ana Rosa and Richard….

Even though Erica has an older boyfriend back home….

Will things work out between Peter and Erica?
Will Ana Rosa and Richard end up tying the knot?
Will poor, dysfunctional Peter resist the urge to kill again?

What could life possibly have in store for Peter Grey?

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